NACHI FUJIKOSHI company was founded in 1928, over years of effort to the development of technical machinery. To date the company has become a manufacturing plant with General Electric, the market offers devices and components for various industrial fields.

Principle is 'combine techniques for technology development', NACHI best use of materials, processing machinery, spare parts and systems, etc. to promote research and development. Believes that 'only high quality materials can produce high quality products', NACHI become integrated manufacturing base from materials to end products.

NACHI products include high quality special steel, cutting tools, bearings, hydraulic equipment, robotic systems NACHI bearings etc. have become famous brands in Japan.


Oriental Chain Mfg. Co., Ltd. (OCM) was established in August 1947 to produce all kinds of transmission chain. OCM is listed on the Osaka Securities Exchange, in 1961.

* In 1971, FMC Corp., Chain Division (Link Belt) in U.S. investment in OCM.

* In 1980, the world's smallest S10 sequence, 0.125 inch pitch was first produced by OCM.

* In 1982, the Group sold and Chain in 1987, OCM acquired all shares.

* In 1996 the company was granted ISO 9002.

* In 1999, OCM patent application on three-dimensional line.

* In 2002, OCM started manufacturing roller chain with snake oil port oriented Bush, OSB series.

* In 2003, the company was granted ISO 9001 certification.

Plant construction: 170,000 sq. ft.

Land: 372,000 sq ft

Capital: \ 1060000000 U.S. $ 8,880,000
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